Monday, November 10


The Boy

The Route

The Goal = 'vitaminamins' (found in top dresser drawer)

Well, we can only suppose that was the goal - he managed to get his jammy top out but nothing else. His aim could have been the much beloved cd player. This happened during his 30min of daily 'roomtime' (aka Allison's sanity check). We're a bit surprised by this new penchant for climbing. Sheesh.

Sunday, November 9

Fall Festival Fun

Paige couldn't decide what to wear (the dilemma starts so early!). Since she spent the evening strolling in her carseat, she opted for the casual-yet-festive look - but she was a cute kitty!

Our church had a Fall Fest as a Trick-or-Treat alternative. Since Seth goes to bed by 7:30, it was an obvious choice for us. There were inflatibles, face painting and ~10 game stations (t-ball, beanbag throw, ring toss) that were easily adapted for the youngsters. So So So much candy. Dustin and Seth even enjoyed some lime cotton candy. Loads of fun - and we were home by 7! Can't beat that :) Maybe next year we'll actually get them into costumes?

Tuesday, November 4

Siblings having Fun

Rather surprisingly, Paige really likes when Seth sits with her like this. Good times!