Friday, August 31


I'm here and I'm a boy!
August 29th 2:04pm
6 pounds 14 ounces
20 inches
I am already well loved.

Wednesday, August 22

school starts

My mornings have started to look like this.
And the boys' looks like this.
Because school has started!  LG's first day of preschool.
S is off to kindergarten!
Baby A is pretty stoked to handle the tomato picking while they are away.

Sunday, August 19

it's nearly time

So once these made it through the laundry... was quickly apparent to S&P that the crib must. be. put. together.  Our bedroom was crib-free for more than 10 months!!  It was teamwork the whole time.  They did (some of) the heavy lifting.
and wiped it down.
Afterwards, they were adamant that Baby4 will need her very own under-the-crib library.  We like reading around here.
We made a watermelon house to celebrate (once Baby A woke up).
The LG is teaching Baby A to wash watermelon juice off his hands.  He is positively wild for wearing undies over his diaper.  When I change him and hold up a pair, he nods and exclaims with delight.  Then once he is standing back up, he keeps lifting his shirts to admire the undies.  Awesome!

Sunday, August 12

little man in the backyard

Still wants to grab all the green tomatoes, and boy does he love the cucumber blossoms.
Excellent laundry take-downer.
Sheet folding companion.
And then he rests.

Saturday, August 11

our boy jams

He picks, washes, squashes, mixes, pours, lids, and smiles.  Yeah, he's pretty much a pro.

Tuesday, August 7

good things happen in the kitchen

Baking dish most likely to be dirty: the pie plate.
Little A made some donuts.
 And discovered the canned good cabinet is just his size.  I've had to relocate all the cans.
 We turned 2 bars of soap into 5 quarts of body wash.
 LG got some pink sparkly toes while S had a Daddy-date.
 For his newest trick...