Thursday, February 13

a most favorite yakyak

A while back Uncle Brandon & Aunt Michele sent Noah a Highland Cow.  I had no idea that this was an actual animal and started off calling him a yak.  He looks like a fuzzy yak!  Are they even different?  Sadly yes, though I am still unsure as to all of the specifics.  Not so sadly, by the time Dustin corrected me - he hollered "Someone find the highland cow!" at bedtime - it was too late.  Oh, and there was this great beat of silence and then, "What?  What did Daddy say?" from several of us since we had been calling that hairy beast Yakyak for many days already.  He tried - and tried - to correct us but after a few days even he fell to calling for Yakyak.

Noah sleeps with him.  When he goes down for a snooze, he has one arm around Yakyak and he rubs his eyes with his empty hand (he rubs his eyes as soon as he gets covered up, it's lovely).  And he totes him around during waking hours.  Yakyak is slung onto tables, pushed into chairs, balanced upon windowsills.  Noah shows him his world, natters on, gives squishes, and gets him plenty dirty (thankfully he washes well).  He delightedly drops Yak from the confines of his crib, and then searches him out once he himself is free.

Do you remember on the cartoon 101 Dalmatians, how Pongo is watching out the window at dogs walking by with their people?  And how they oddly - or not so oddly - looked very similar to each other?  Because when Noah has great bedhead, he and Yakyak show an endearing resemblance.  Dustin and I laughed about it over breakfast this week.  Yakyak was waiting patiently for Noah to finish his oatmeal, of course.  Oh, sweetness.