Friday, June 26

Sunday, June 21

Oh, the fun S&P had...

...when the stopper came out of Paige's sippy cup

Wednesday, June 17

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

We trekked to Colorado Springs on Tuesday and met some buddies for a zoo trip. I wish I had a video of Paige seeing the giraffes. She saw them, pointed and gibberish-ed to them adamantly - 'You there, with the really long neck! No, not you. You! Yes, you! Come over here right now!' At least that's what my closed caption reads :) We had perfect weather, spent just the right amount of time - it was a great day. They even slept the whole way home!

petting the goats and checking out monkeys with Sam
feeding giraffes and Paige's short burst of freedom from the stroller
pony ride!
sea otters with Abigail and driving the train

we found a Culver's on the way home...mmm...

Saturday, June 13

Family Fire Muster

Each year the West Metro Fire District puts on a super fun Saturday morning filled with kid-friendly activities to encourage safety. Seth had a really great time! Many, many photos included - you can click on them and see larger versions.

driving a fire truck and spraying out a 'fire' with a bona fide fireman's hose

bunker gear relay (with Daddy's help - Seth kept falling) and Seth's new fire dog, Roger

water safety ring toss , dialing 911 on Mr Phone and meeting Cheezo (sheriff's dept)

big man on the fire truck and Paige's comfy perch

Wednesday, June 3

The Back Door's photo op

because where else would a 2yr old put an almost-eaten Tootsie Roll pop?