Sunday, May 19

my favorite

We had family pics taken this weekend.  A while back we bartered a photo session from my friend Carrie for swimming lessons, and then it kept getting put off because our bunch was growing and we weren't quite ready.  But we got it on the calendar for Spring 2013 and here we are!  This is my favorite.

Thursday, May 16

blocks for each hand

Noah's room faces full East.  He wakes up first most days, and if I don't fall back asleep nursing (happens often) then we sit in his room and play with blocks in the quiet morning light.  We're having cool mornings, hot afternoons.  I like that.  Everyone is happy that picnic season is here once again.

Friday, May 10

they sleep

They look so sweet when they sleep - especially the exhausted-yet-still-defiant 4yr old, who fell asleep with her arms crossed...on the backdoor floormat.  Noah is finally starting to fall asleep in strollers (finally!).

Wednesday, May 8


Colorado is having a somewhat confusing spring and there are still no leaves on the trees!  But green grass and blue skies, we've got.  Wow, April went by super fast.  Crazy fast.  May Day is Dustin's birthday - he had a nice one.  And May will be our last month in CO, so we're wringing as much from this month as possible!