Sunday, February 28

Working on Ripples

Seth calls it the 'ziggy blanket'
Great pattern found here

Friday, February 26

Seriously Cute ♥ ♥

Little Girl, giving us a good shot of her reindeer :o)

Monday, February 22

The Budding Creator

Boo has begun collecting smileys each day, and earned enough to make playdough this week! Armed with a crazy easy recipe, we set out on our first dough-making adventure. And after MUCH deliberation, he chose 4 colors to create and went to work.

Though not a fan of all the kneading (he pushed through it, heh heh), he is a BIG fan of our new colors. I think getting to use the food coloring was the highlight for him : ) The kitchen table has become a wonderland of green snakes, yellow worms, purple cars & blue eggs.

Sunday, February 21

4th time's a charm

Most of you know that I am on a mission to use ALL my yarn in 2010, before buying any for a new project. 28 skeins!! Ridiculous, really. I've read that it's referred to as 'stash busting'. In my busting endeavor, I was determined to make LG a hat. I found a free girly pattern online - this was my first hat attempt.
Attempt #1 - super cute, followed the pattern to a T, but not quite large enough (pattern is for 9-12mo). gave it to a buddy with a 12mo old.
Attempt #2 - no picture, but let's just say it perfectly fit Mommy's head. ripped it all out.
Attempt #3 - no picture, I used a super small hook and it turned out very cute - but I was adding a stitch each time I joined rows...looked like Sue Bonnet. ripped it all out.
Attempt #4 - finally!!! and it fits Seth, so she should be able to wear it a good. long. while.

Saturday, February 20

A Glorious Muffin Morning

Paige hones her muffin making skills while the guys skipped out for a Daddy-boy breakfast.

Thursday, February 18


After stumbling upon a craftsmans' site on Etsy, I discovered quilling. Pretty much rolling paper into...whatever! The finished product is hanging on Pip's wall and looks, well, pretty fabulous. But I don't have a good picture of it, so instead you can see some photos from the project. It's tedious, but so. very. cute. And the possibilities are endless! The framed pic turned out 18x24 (huge!) and well worth the effort, but I think I'll just stick with making quilled greeting cards for now :o)

Note: I'm trying out the montage idea, in order to show more photos without taking up crazy loads of space. You can always click on a photo to see an enlarged version.

Wednesday, February 17

Funny Faces

Learning her body parts!

Friday, February 12

Monday, February 8

Patty the Platty

Paige's new favorite buddy

'Have some eggs, Patty. Breakfast is verrrrry important.'

Friday, February 5

Cousin Love

wish you were here, Linds & 'Mantha!!