Tuesday, October 30

typing one-handed

means pics-only posts

Thursday, October 18

anderson farms

Dustin's parents came for a visit this past weekend and we trekked it north to Anderson Farms one afternoon.  It was hot and s u n n y.  The sky was brilliant blue, those trees are golden, the corn is dried and the pumpkins are bright orange - the pic above looks washed, but it really was like that!  We'd never been to a real pumpkin field before - I say 'real' because you can go to places where they bring pumpkins in, but spread them out in a field for you to look over (we have done this).  The real thing is much more impressive.  I think the kids are still recovering from all the fun they had with Gepaw & Memaw!

Tuesday, October 16


LG wanted a 'happy' pumpkin - with Mater teeth.  Hah!
Dustin's came out very political.

Tuesday, October 9

a short tour of our home

According to this guy.
Daddy & Mommy's bedroom
Boys' bedroom with its loft
LG's bed(room)
In the living room, we have a red couch
our blue book shelves
and the rocking chair with the lamp nearby
And last but not least, the backyard with our 2 big trees

Wednesday, October 3

we like to sleep outside

And we like to go to the park.  There aren't many things better than living one house away from a wonderful park, especially on these lovely fall days.  And strangers have started referring to A as a girl, so yes, I know he's looking quite shaggy.  It's just that the top of his head bleached out this summer and it's so cute!  But really, the kid looks 100% boy to me.
The trees are turning quickly (fall here seems to last like...2 weeks).  The grass is still green - but it's supposed to snow on Saturday.