Monday, September 28

the 4th 3rd

We had a 3rd birthday at the end of August, it flew right by.  Look how much he's changed on each birthday!  And can you believe Paige can still wear her "birthday [and every other special moment] dress"?!

How sweet is this boy.  He loves puppies and slides and friends and fast shoes and juice boxes and race cars and brothers and Paige and many, many things.  We are blessed beyond measure.

Friday, September 25

Mudstache Run

Seth's Trail Life troop had their Mudstache Run a few weeks ago and Dustin took the Big Three. There was a lot of mud.  Adam was sadly not a big fan (what an understatement!), but they all finished and sleep in their hard-earned race shirts.  If you remember, ask Adam what he thought of his mud run - I've heard replies like "worst day OF MY LIFE", "was not fun AT ALL", "I'm not doing that again, no way".

We also went to Paige's AHG Family Fun Camp, and it was fun for all.  Canoes, fishing, playing, friends, s'mores - what's not to love?  Seth took right to fishing and enjoyed himself immensely.  Noah did drop his paddle and fell out of the canoe reaching for it, but thankfully I was tying my shoe and missed Dustin's speedy rescue!  It is better for a mother to miss some things.

Friday, September 4

northeast trip, take 2

My Uncle Don and Aunt Katie live on a beautiful "pond" and we had days of tractors, boats, naps, and games.  Dustin and Paige were all about the water games.  The weather was lovely, the company entertaining, and it was sweet to see my grandparents a bit more.  My cousins Lauren and Molly were home for a bit and it was so fun to see them as adults (we saw them last at our wedding!).
On the way home, we each chose our second favorite part of the trip (first being family, of course)...
Noah: Lindsay and Samantha's trampoline!
Adam: fireworks at Uncle Brandon's!
Paige: the boat!
Seth: the boat!
Allison: really great food that I didn't cook!
Dustin: being on the water!

It was lots of miles and hours in the car, but what a sweet adventure.

Thursday, September 3

northeast trip, take 1

A few weeks ago, we headed [way] up North to see family.  We stopped for a stint with Brandon,  Michele, Lindsay, & Samantha.  There was the beach and playgrounds and games and restaurants and fireworks and a trampoline.  The cousins were all happy to be together.  Great time.

Then we traveled further and spent time with my aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents.  We had not seen them since Brandon and Michele got married (10ish ago) and it was wonderful to introduce the peeps to them and have the opportunity to connect with them as adults.  Our lives have changed a lot in 10 years, and I think theirs have too.  It was fun to hear about my Gramma and Grampa's younger lives - seemingly inconsequential stuff my nosy self enjoys.

To me, the whole trip felt like the last photo.  I want to do it again!  It was splendid.