Sunday, January 17

Brace Yourself...Again

Apparently we Spricks were too kind in our dealings with the mousy visitor, because...he came back!!! Indeed, definitely same mouse. Dustin resorted to less kind tactics this time around, and that mouse ain't coming back. What a delightful experience.

Friday, January 1

Brace Yourself

I recently brought in my 'trunk box' (rubbermaid tote) to make room for transporting Abigail's 'new' kitchen. Seth was poking through the box - unfolding the blanket, unrolling the jacket, pulling out the jumper cables. All very normal things. He's grabbing the other cable from its bag and says, 'there's a mouse in here, mommy!' Yes, folks. An oddly cute & clean mouse was living in the jumper cable bag - which means, of course, that it was living in my Blazer!! Anyhow, Dustin picked up the bag, confirmed there was indeed a twitching mouse inside, and it promptly jumped on our living room floor. I actually squeaked. It beelined to the curtains, climbed 6ft up, Dustin captured it and mr. mouse has since been set free. Please see pic as proof. And yes, I really did give him a tupperware container to catch said mouse.