Saturday, September 27

Oregon Trip

We recently spent several days in Oregon visiting family & friends. Traveling with two (under 2!) is a bit more...more. Everyone flew relatively well and we managed to only have one child crying at a time on each flight :)


We saw Dustin's family for a few days and had lots of fun. The grands and great-grands spent hours of quality time with S&P.

Seth had MANY motorized vehicles to choose from, Paige had more snuggles than ever, I worked on a puzzle and Dustin lost $4.28 playing rummy. He isn't very lucky :(

Seth snoopervising the construction of his teepee & playing in its tunnel

Aunt Jamie & Uncle Matt

We had dinner with Brian & Roxie and Seth liked watching their doggie but spoke a definitive 'no' when we took him too close. Our last day was spent with Chris, Tanya & Finn...and lots of yummy food :)

Seth & Finn

Wednesday, September 24

Paigy-Paige looking serious

I think she's in the 'orange on a toothpick' stage of growth - her head looks huge in this picture!

Tuesday, September 16

Because I have nightmares about it...

...this is what my lovely desk currently looks like (though this isn't even 1/2 of it...and I edited out all the stacks on the floor). At the moment it seems every morning that I go in and find someone has left me a new stack of something. I typically have a rather spic & span workspace and thus am feeling filled to the gills. Thankfully I can consciously ignore the mess...subconsciously, not so much (duh - I'm dreaming about it!). I already dread what it will resemble at year-end.

If you wonder at the lack of personalization...well, I've convinced myself that it would just distract me and then I'd be less efficient and have to be at work longer! Besides, I spend any spare time writing newsy emails to my mom :)

Behold, the power of a stapler. THIS is my very favorite office supply. Kinda like Sandra Bullock's character in Two Weeks Notice. I'm very attached (pardon the pun).

What happens...

...when Seth is left alone for 5min :)

Monday, September 8

Weekend Fun

My company had a shin-dig at Elitch Gardens on Saturday so we scored free tickets, left Paige to play with cousin Josh and took Seth to his first amusement park. The day turned out sunny and in the 70s! There was a huge play structure for little guys and he loved the carousel. He was one tired boy and asleep before we left the parking lot.

After an afternoon nap, I took Seth to the Life is Good Festival while Dustin stayed at home and rested with Paige.

It was kinda like a carnival (we got there towards the end, so some stuff was packed up) and there were a bunch of games for kids to play. Seth won lots of stickers, a Jake tattoo and a bouncy ball. He also made his first craft (a BUG! for Daddy). It was super fun and a lovely end to our day.

Thursday, September 4

Incident of the Week

This week was pretty low key and our biggest 'fun' moment was when Seth opened and upturned a 5lb bag of sugar in the kitchen. Woo. Hoo.

It was loads of fun to clean up and I haven't told Dustin about it. There's a slim chance he'll read about it on here, but I'm really waiting for him to throw his hands in the air and say (once again), "WHAT is on this floor?!" He seems to do that every other week and I do so enjoy exasperating him at times :)

Our boy, he sure loves to be in the kitchen. Building towers and bouncing on cooling racks are the latest and greatest.

How is it Possible

I'm not typically one for spouting political opinions - well, not to strangers at least :) but I am always up for sharing information. Dustin and I are so...saddened by the upcoming election.

And regardless of your viewpoint, the following video is worth 5 minutes of your time.