Sunday, September 20


The Girl

The Goodness

The Goal

Thursday, September 17


They're sharing! Imagine that...

Monday, September 14

Wily Ones

So very resourceful - our boy dragging a chair into the kitchen just to reach the coveted snack cabinet. Even Paige was in on the adventure! We had no idea he was getting so tall.

Sunday, September 13

Carnivore Paigy Strikes Again

This beanpole can tuck food away like her Daddy! Boy, does she love to eat. Dustin snapped this while we were getting ready for dinner - she just couldn't wait!

Friday, September 11

Swinging through the Evening

On nights when Dustin works, we've started going for a walk at the park after dinner & baths. S&P in their jammies, watching the geese, clouds and people. It's a great way to finish our day & welcome the night...and we end with a long stint in the swings :)

They like to sit together - three cheers for skinny kiddos!

Tuesday, September 8

Labor Day Adventures

While Dustin was working on Monday (boo!), the rest of us spent the morning at Berry Patch Farms up in Brighton. We had such a great time! S&P picked strawberries, raspberries & flowers. Then we went for a ride on the 'train', checked out the pig & turkeys, and chased some chickens. We also had a picnic and headed home around 2pm for late naps (not surprisingly, they fell asleep on the way home). We'll definitely go back - but Daddy might have to come next time - if only to help corral the kiddos!

Thursday, September 3

The Perils of Toddlerhood

These include, but are in no way limited to: learning to climb before being able to pull a chair out from underneath the table. Poor, stuck Paigy :(