Thursday, January 29

Priority Mail

The box says you can reuse it...and so we have

Friday, January 23

Partners in Crime Already

Yes, that's the innards of a Diaper Genie.

Monday, January 12

Oh, so THIS is why... Dad files receipts weekly, rather than annually :) And I have to say, we did a shocking amount of shopping last August. I managed to complete the task in 2hrs with Mamma Mia on in the background, which was pretty entertaining...the highlight being Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) singing silly songs. I think I dreamed to ABBA songs last night!

Thursday, January 1

Tower Madness

Seth got these blocks for his birthday...just in time for the chilly days that keep us inside! Hours of fun. Thankfully, Paige takes the flying legos in stride - and usually nabs one to chew on.