Friday, December 21

Christmas came early

When S&P each created a masterpiece for me.
We've been busy with the Lego Snow Village, tree love, taking the big kids to Disney on Ice, school programs (P was a lovely shepherdess), reading, little bro time, holiday pics, a little bit of snow and crafts.  Happy Christmas, from us to you!

Tuesday, December 18

for rachel :: my favorite sleeper

This one too, but P is only wearing it in videos.

Wednesday, December 12

how can we possibly

I find it a twinge hard to believe that we're at this point already  S lost his first tooth yesterday.  Although we do think it is a direct result to his my-teeth-went-through-the-front-of-my-face incident this summer, what's done is done.  He's so old.
 Aww.  And here is our little man, cutting that very same tooth.  It was his first!

Tuesday, December 4

cute as a...

He really is
I overheard P talking to her little bro this week and she said, "Aren't you just cuter than a bunny with a carrot?!"  For real!  So funny.
A helped with cookies last week.  He drags a chair into the kitchen several times a day, always ready to explore this new world of countertops.
First loose tooth!  Look at that sucker out of line.

Saturday, December 1


Our S turned 6 (six!!) just after Thanksgiving and we celebrated all day long.  Traditional donut, a gift bonanza (read: L E G O), cupcakes at the park with buddies, games instead of quiet time, and dinner out.  Then on Monday he got to take cupcakes to share with his classmates!  Whoa, lots of sugar.  He chose rocket cupcakes - thankfully all the kids knew exactly what they were, as Dustin was dubious.
Happy Birthday, my wonderful son.