Sunday, August 30

Daddy-Girl Time

Paige is very emphatic when talking to Dustin right when he comes home...we have no idea what she says, but she's definitely deliberate about it!

Dustin thinks it's along the lines of '...and there was this really big bug! a brown one with lots and lots of legs! it ran really fast and i laughed at it. then i squished it.'

Allison thinks it might be more like '...we were at the grocery, and i really, really wanted chocolate milk, daddy, but mommy said no. can you believe her?! maybe you could take me to the grocery next time?'

Monday, August 24

Summertime in Tennessee

That means...

Planes & Popsicles

Pizza picnics & Parks

Poultry & Porch swings

and plenty of fun had by all.

Sunday, August 23

Our Sweetest Boy

As most of you know, the last month hasn't been the easiest for Allison. So, when seeing his Mommy cry on the 18th, Seth offered comfort...
'Are you sad, Mommy? I got you a Kleenex.'

Definitely a photo-worthy moment!

Friday, August 14

Chuck E. Cheese!

Braeden's 3rd birthday party was a few weekends ago and S&P got a taste of CECheese's. Seth proved to be quite the ticket-whiz and garnered 17 tootsie roll pops ('Stuckers, Mommy!') from his winnings!! There was a great little play area for tots that Paige thoroughly enjoyed. They also tried out a few of the moving rides together. LOTS of fun, but Dustin and Allison totally agree that Showbiz was much more fun (ball pit, anyone?).

Saturday, August 8

BBQ at the Summit

A fun & yummy afternoon spent up in Dillon. Mmmhm. Ribs, ribs and more ribs for Dustin & roasted corn and hot dogs for S&P. Allison had donuts :)