Tuesday, April 15

tiny feet make my heart sing

This is not actually about tiny feet, other than Noah has the sweetest little toes and I want to take pictures of them all day long.  And when he is sleeping!  Oh my stars.  He is so lovely.

We have a "game" closet that is just shelves full of boxes, puzzles, games - kid stuff.  If you remember The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room, and also dreamed of a bedroom organized like theirs (as I did), this is the closet for you.

Anyway, I ran out of shoebox sized containers and so the tools have always been in with the doctor kit.  This can and has produced several interesting pieces of "medical" equipment that include screwdriver + otoscope (for long ears and noses, of course), thermometers held with pliers (germs, hello), while the toy hammer that makes boink and bang sounds is excellent for testing reflexes since you can hear the results.  Yeah, I realize that doesn't make sense.

It was finally quiet enough last week during a morning check up that Adam figured out he can actually hear a heartbeat through his stethoscope, even though he doesn't understand what he's hearing - "It goes really fast!" he says of Noah's and he is convinced Dustin's "thumps" are much too slow "Yours sounds tired, Daddy.  Lay on the couch and I will listen to your tummy instead!"  He now walks around the house talking to himself very quietly through the stethoscope.

Paige tends towards trauma rather than the typical well check (no surprise there) and lately her little brothers have been wrapped into Ace bandages and wrist braces often.  Seth has a bent towards surgery and wants to use all the construction tools - saw! pliers! drill!