Sunday, December 29

and then he walked

This was on the 29th - 16mo to the day.  He walks more now, but still mostly crawls.

Thursday, December 26

frosty mornings

The little boys are up to all sorts of togetherness.  I hesitate to imagine the mischief they will create in 2014 (remember when S&P were these ages?!  eep).  And Noah is getting stuck...everywhere these days.

Sunday, December 1

fluffy for now

Adam has decided that he'd like to keep his hair "fluffy" for now and got a pass from the last round of haircuts.  We compromised on only trimming around his ears.  He looks like a wayward dandelion, I think.

Isn't that bus photo a riot?!  I was taking pictures of Noah in this perfect light a week ago and turned around to see him.  He found the missing school bus - but lost all of his clothes on the journey.

He's a constant companion, my little middle man.  He helped take care of Paige and she settled quite a bit with him there to share books and blankets and lots of hugs.  On Thanksgiving he was going up the stairs to play and called out, "Good luck, Mommy!  Good luck cooking!  Come play when you are done downstairs.  I will wait for you."  I love eating lunch with him.  Picnics everyday, he wants.  With the chill they're indoor picnics, but we have a fortress in the breakfast nook so that works out just fine.