Tuesday, January 28

warm & cozy

I'm pretty sure that most parents have faced the following situation:  do you put all your peeps to bed at the same time, even though that means the party that is your life will begin extra early the next day OR do you stagger bedtimes so that everyone winds up waking around the same (acceptable) time in the morning?

Dustin and I took a parenting class when we were expecting Seth, and more than anything else it gave us great confidence in parenting.  Now, I don't mean we always know just what to do - or that we make the best decisions.  But we are willing to try something, and if it that doesn't work, we're willing to change course and try something else.  So, this sleep question above?  Yeah, we've done every version.  We rotate through the options.  Because what works at one point doesn't always work at another, and sometimes you just need to do something different.

Adam is super noisy when he wakes up.  He sits there and hollers for me - usually much too early - "Mommy!  I'm awake!  Mommy!  Mommmmmmmmmmy!  Come up here right now!"  and then when I open his door he hangs his head and says things like "I was calling and calling and calling for you.  I was so, so sad."  I heard him this morning - just once - and went up as quickly as possible because other people were still sleeping.  He was standing in the corner of his crib, hands folded on his rail, smile on his face "I waited until the sun was awake, Mommy!!"  It was a proud moment.

Speaking of Adam we were coming home from the Y this morning, looking for the llamas, goats, and cows and talking about how they would probably be happy in a barn today.  "You and the cows are the same!"  Seriously, where is his loyalty!  Now I'm a cow!?  Thankfully he followed it up with, "You are both mamas!  And you like your babies."  Way to dodge that one, Adam.

Thursday, January 23

hearts on a string

Hibernation mode around here.  I wore my fleece booties for 13 hours straight today.

Tuesday, January 7

regarding messes

Adam was concerned that his chap stick egg had inadvertently made it into the laundry pile or *gasp* the washing machine, and decided to check out the situation.  He is one thorough boy.