Thursday, February 23

a week in review

Our pantry manager (he's quite partial to the tea).
and green smoothie lover.
Our resident Inspector Gadget.  Dustin found all the old episodes on Hulu and let the peeps watch some one Saturday morning.  They were quite taken with it - Dustin is still in love with Penny, P was all about Brain, and S thought it was giggle-til-you-wiggle hilarious.  Who needs suction cups when you can walk around with pot lids on your feet?!
Our spoon user.  He's fiercely interested in holding his own spoon and feeding himself...or just making a giant mess.
This family (save Baby A) no longer has any interest in snow this season.  As far as the peeps are concerned, the best part of more snow is that it means hot chocolate, regardless of whether they set foot outside or not.
And I am personally ready to have my yoga mat back, but it is typically in use by the front door, catching slushy shoes.  And seriously, Baby A looks so much like me in this picture!

Monday, February 13

cold toes

Confession.  Before Christmas the LG made these with me (her first sewing machine project!).  They are hand warmers - fleece filled with rice that you pop in the microwave for 30ish seconds and drop into your pockets to keep hands toasty.  But, well, we still have a few left.  And each night I've been warming them up and making a line of hearts under the covers, at the bottom of the bed.  No more cold toes.  Happiness forever.

Wednesday, February 8

february already?

Lots of snow here lately.
Surveying the wintry wilderness.
Enough snow for a snow cave!
Our bears, coming out of hibernation.  ROAR!
Two peeps desperate to go camping.  They've been playing campout with pillowcases for a few weeks.
Baby A, ready for the latest episode of New Girl.  He's an excellent couch companion.

Saturday, February 4

what we've been up to

Scooting around outside.  Presnow, of course.
We made it to the park on a nice, warmish day.
He is insanely happy when we let him up on the couch.
Lovin' his blocks.
S has been busy word building and Lego creating.
She's still falling asleep in strange places.
And lots of sibling germ sharing love.  We've mostly been under the weather, but it's nice to have good moments in the midst of all the sickness.