Saturday, February 19


We've been learning a bit about maps lately - nothing difficult, of course - and the peeps have taken to building cities with 'maps' leading to houses, buildings. Kinda like Candy Land goes 3D. Fun stuff and an excellent quiet time activity for Seth.

Tuesday, February 15


It was a cookie + cupcake year for us (1/2 batches of each - totally the way to go!). S&P discovered coconut and it was soon sprinkled on...mostly everything. They had big plans and took a looooong time (in toddler time, at least) turning their 1/2 into masterpieces. Love watching them work.

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11

flowers soon

It's a good thing, too - I'm ready to have my big blue mixing bowl back =)

Monday, February 7

hard at work

The Peeps took over the Valentine's cookie decorating this year, and did a splendid job on their firetrucks, airplanes, butterflies and hearts.

On a side note, we're supposed to get another foot of snow tonight/tomorrow. I'm glad my narcissus bulbs are about to bloom - we are definitely in the middle of winter here!