Thursday, October 29

Monday, October 26


Maybe they'll be artistic and creative ;)

Friday, October 23

Cider Days Festival 2009


farm animals! LOVE that Josh is pulling the baby goat's ear :)

the family that tattoos together, stays together

Friday, October 16

Paigy's Favorite Accesssory

A tirelessly popular piece.

Wednesday, October 14

Nothing's better...

...than a clean boy wearing a towel while jumping off his bed.

Saturday, October 10

Paige's recent rite of passage

Making cookies: a vital part of any child's development. This was several weeks ago - she was well pleased with the results :)

Friday, October 9

Morning Tea Party

Seth is becoming quite the little tea drinker these days.  Since the cold weather kept us inside, we enjoyed a tea party during little sister's morning nap.  Mouse, Zebra and Fire Dog had the esteemed privilege of joining us.  So fun!  Can't wait for Paige to join in.

Saturday, October 3

Bye-Bye Baby, Hello Little Girl

oh boy, this'll be fun!

drowned rat

almost done
shampoo and rinse

Thursday, October 1

September in the Northwest

That means...

Johnsons & creeks

golf carts & dam building 101

pizza & puzzles
...and so many other fun things.