Tuesday, December 30

Interesting Fact.

129. The number of days it took for Seth to demolish his first pair of glasses.

Friday, December 26

Wednesday, December 17

Monday, December 1

Seth turns 2!

With a party at our nearby park, a new trike,
and a birthday breakfast of donuts,
we've been celebrating for days!

Hard to believe he was this size a short 24 months ago...

Monday, November 10


The Boy

The Route

The Goal = 'vitaminamins' (found in top dresser drawer)

Well, we can only suppose that was the goal - he managed to get his jammy top out but nothing else. His aim could have been the much beloved cd player. This happened during his 30min of daily 'roomtime' (aka Allison's sanity check). We're a bit surprised by this new penchant for climbing. Sheesh.

Sunday, November 9

Fall Festival Fun

Paige couldn't decide what to wear (the dilemma starts so early!). Since she spent the evening strolling in her carseat, she opted for the casual-yet-festive look - but she was a cute kitty!

Our church had a Fall Fest as a Trick-or-Treat alternative. Since Seth goes to bed by 7:30, it was an obvious choice for us. There were inflatibles, face painting and ~10 game stations (t-ball, beanbag throw, ring toss) that were easily adapted for the youngsters. So So So much candy. Dustin and Seth even enjoyed some lime cotton candy. Loads of fun - and we were home by 7! Can't beat that :) Maybe next year we'll actually get them into costumes?

Tuesday, November 4

Siblings having Fun

Rather surprisingly, Paige really likes when Seth sits with her like this. Good times!

Friday, October 31

Fun in Tennessee

We just got back from a week-long trip to the Schassberger place. We had 8 adults and 4 children <2yrs in the house. It was lots of fun and very, very busy. We visited with some friends, admired the lovely surroundings and introduced our boy to some Chattanooga favorites (Paige mostly stayed inside - warm and cozy with her Nonna & Poppy). I'm not quite the shutterbug Sarah & Brandon are (between my dad & us kids, we took 1200+ pics in a week!!), but I picked out a few cute ones to share.

Pumpkin Patch playground

Ribs at Sticky Fingers (finger-lickin' good!)

Scrabble (future wordsmith???)

Tennessee Aquarium

Baby chortles

Good times in the kitchen

Tuesday, October 28

How Dustin Spent his Vacation

Seth and Paige spent their time quite differently.
Photos to follow soon :)

Sunday, October 26

What on Earth

I recently got a package in the mail from our insurance agent. There wasn't a note, just this thing. Confused, of course, I looked at it and said "WHAA?"

I pushed the buttons and found lights. Thinking it was some sort of emergency 'kit' for the car, I let Seth turn on the flashing red lights for a while. Then when I was showing it to Dustin that evening, I started looking more closely...and holy moly! This thing is a weapon!
I was (and still am!) a bit shocked. Who gets a gift from their insurance agent complete with knife, dart, spike, whistle, LED and strobe lights?!
And now I don't know what to do with it. It's not exactly the sort of thing I can drop off at Goodwill, you know?

Sunday, October 12


With the weather being chilly & wet this week, we didn't get to spend much time outside. I dug deep into my bag of tricks and produced a fairly recognizable balloon dog for Seth. Who knew I had such a talent for twisting rubber?! Paige's hat turned out pretty...umm...fun. I was trying for a flower on the hat but gave up and just made it as tall as possible :) I really liked how the static made her wisps fly up.

Wednesday, October 8

4 Months and Growing

Paige is growing along - up to 12 pounds 8 ounces and 24.5 inches long. That's 2 pounds and 2 inches in 2 months! She can also get her entire fist into her mouth, as shown above :)

Sunday, October 5

Herb Garden Fun

Having our first kitchen window, Seth & I decided a window sill garden experiment was absolutely necessary. With several tiny pots, we planted seeds of parsley, dill, basil, thyme & calendula. Our experiment = success; every pot is green & growing and Seth greatly enjoys holding, smelling, plucking & dirt-robbing the herbs. Happiness all around!

Thursday, October 2

Lovely Blue Eyes

Paige is also in that entertaining stage when she rolls over as soon as she's put down to sleep...and then whines about it until you come roll her back over. Here she is in 'action' - notice her thumb not leaving her mouth :)

tush in the air, hips to the side & wahlah - I'm on my back!

Saturday, September 27

Oregon Trip

We recently spent several days in Oregon visiting family & friends. Traveling with two (under 2!) is a bit more...more. Everyone flew relatively well and we managed to only have one child crying at a time on each flight :)


We saw Dustin's family for a few days and had lots of fun. The grands and great-grands spent hours of quality time with S&P.

Seth had MANY motorized vehicles to choose from, Paige had more snuggles than ever, I worked on a puzzle and Dustin lost $4.28 playing rummy. He isn't very lucky :(

Seth snoopervising the construction of his teepee & playing in its tunnel

Aunt Jamie & Uncle Matt

We had dinner with Brian & Roxie and Seth liked watching their doggie but spoke a definitive 'no' when we took him too close. Our last day was spent with Chris, Tanya & Finn...and lots of yummy food :)

Seth & Finn