Sunday, April 21

lunch with my baby

Noah and I have lunch together sometimes.  Usually, the five of us are tucked around the table, but occasionally it ends up just being the two of us.  He's down with butternut squash and I roast & puree a few every couple of weeks for him.  He's super grabby and wants to touch everything in sight.  Seth had his 'learning expo' at school a while back.  It's when the students (K-12) all present their spring work (similar to portfolios).  His class studied the rain forest and they formed pairs to create their presentations.  It was super fun!  If you look closely at the pic of him next to the poster board, you can see the yellow poison dart frog that he made with Legos at home.  That's our Seth!  Pretty sweet.  Paige ran her first 1mi race with Dustin last weekend.  She loved all the attention but did mention that her legs were tired the next day.  After her race we went to the annual Kite Festival in Arvada.  It was a great time and Adam was still quite enamored with the great big ones that flew so high.  We keep getting snow (yay! we need it) and it's supposed to snow a bit more the next two days.  We have started doing family swim nights this season instead of keeping S&P in gymnastics.  Noah is taking to the water pretty well.  The older three are always excited to hit the pirate ship swimming pool (Link rec center).

Friday, April 12

easter eggs

We've been busy with spring.  Some snow, a little bit of rain, soggy-bottomed picnics that don't faze the peeps.  Lots of sun too.  Noah is down with double ear infections.  He's moving all over the place and is happy, happy with his mobility.  And the doorway jumper!  Man, he loves that thing.  Adam is looking like a prize-fighter this week with a black eye, goose-egged forehead and scrape on his nose.  We did some egg hunting over Easter, had a great time with our church family and enjoyed beautiful weather.  Hard to believe it's already April - mid way through, at that!  Days fly by.