Thursday, July 28

another first

So his lip is mostly covering it up in this, but can you see it?!  It's totally there.  That tooth is little and sharp and o-u-t.  Baby A has been less than thrilled at its appearance.  I (mistakenly) thought he wasn't sleeping well because I was eating too much chocolate (wahhh?  me?), but apparently that wasn't the case.  Grow, Baby A, grow!!

Wednesday, July 20

it's hot here

In an attempt to actually keep the garden alive and growing all summer long this year, I got a soaker hose.  It's pretty great.  But I also got a hose timer!  And it's darn awesome.  Happy plants forever.

It also has a manual override (of course it does) and I can set it to only let the peeps keep it on for xx minutes.  No more flooded least until they figure out how to turn it on and off manually themselves, which is highly likely.

Wonder where Baby A is?  Happy in the hammock...

Lookin' up at the sun shining through the leaves

Monday, July 18

bowen's heart

Being a big Sanctus Real fan, I've followed Matt Hammitt's blog about their baby boy for the last year.
Check out this post!  Check out the songs released from the new album.  Beautiful.

Saturday, July 16

sandy toes

It's not the powdery pale stuff at the Gulf, but no one really noticed that except me.

Wednesday, July 13

endless entertainment

Baby A has found his toes.  Yummy. 
And no, he doesn't wear that kimono top all the time.  Just whenever it's clean.

Monday, July 11


When we shook hands in the Eagle Lake parking lot, it wasn't love at first sight.  And when we think of who we were then, and who we are now, we're always baffled as to how we got here.

At camp there was this thing that happened each Sunday morning before the new bunch of campers arrived.  Whoever was making announcements would finish up by yelling, 'SIXTH WEEK!' (or whatever week we were on) and everyone would respond with 'FIRST WEEK!'  It was a morale booster, a reminder that the counselors should be just as excited this week as they were for the very first week of summer.

This morning while Dustin was clearing breakfast dishes and I was making lunches, I reminded him that we met 12 years ago today.  He said, 'Time flies when you're having fun.'

We looked at each other and doing some quick math, I said, '624th week?'

He nodded and replied, 'Nah, first week.'

Sunday, July 10


This weekend we went to Steamboat Springs for their annual hot air balloon rodeo (why is it a rodeo again?).  It rained on the way, it rained on the way home, but while we were there it was mostly just cloudy and cool.  We always describe rain as either Oregon rain or Tennessee rain.  This was definitely Tennessee rain - huge thunderstorms, lots of lightning, rain falling so fast it turned the countryside white.

We stayed at the Steamboat Grand.  They have a heated outdoor pool that is open late and we took the peeps swimming after dinner and we were out there until 9:30!  The next morning we got up super early to see the launch (started at 6a).  There were 30ish balloons and it was really fun.  Considering the lack of sleep, everyone did really well (there was a 38 second meltdown as we were leaving the field).  Afterwards we swam some more, rode bikes, had a picnic.  Lots of pictures, wish it hadn't been so dark because you totally don't get how lovely they were from the photos.
baby A totally wanted Daddy's icecream cone
double rainbow!
(not surprisingly) Dustin's favorite balloon
So they do this 'task' called the splash and dash.  The pilots have to land on the lake and then take off again - it was fun to see them show off their skills - one sank 1/2 way into the water and then rose quickly with water gushing from their basket, one landed so carefully that it didn't even make ripples on the lake, one slid across the surface of the lake...
this one's for my mom, you pepsi-lover, you
inside while they were inflating
 should've tried harder for this one (look in his sunglasses lens)
The meltdown - she might have stretched out on the ground, but she got this far and figured out it was too wet for her to continue the drama.
shows you how quickly it inflates once they heat the air
Out Dustin's window on the way home.  Love being in the hills.

Wednesday, July 6


We spent Monday down at my aunt & uncle's.  It was a beautiful day filled with catching up, bikes, water guns, swimming, ipads, more bikes, and baby naps.
Happy peeps.  Good times.

Sunday, July 3

bruin's bluff

We did another wildflower hike this weekend, out in Lair o' the Bear Open Space.  Bruin's Bluff is a short 2 mile loop with lots and lots of climbing.  The peeps were great.  Dustin & Baby A even came along (he is definitely getting the bad end of the deal this summer; thankful he won't remember it!).  We were supposed to go in the morning, after a small car project (is there such a thing?).  But the estimated 1.5 hours stretched into 3.5 hours and so we missed the morning cool.  We had our picnic at the beginning rather than the end, and off we went.  It was super hot.  Oh, and before we started we had to deal with this attractive sight...
After that, it was just lovely & fun.