Friday, March 27

Friday, March 13

A vacuum of his very own

Some of you might have heard about Seth's obsession with the makes noise, cleans things and most importantly - has a cord! Dustin took pity on me (I hate vacuuming and Seth's interest has forced me to do it often) and made Seth his very own vacuum. He was already savvy with the Swiffer, but now it has a cord! Brilliant work done by a brilliant husband. This created an instant transformation from mere 'cleaner' to coveted vacuum. Ah, yes - we've entered the era of pretend :)

Tuesday, March 10

Why I should unload groceries before children

I came inside, saw Seth pushing Paige around, dropped the bags and surreptitiously grabbed the camera.

Paige was letting out a high-pitched squeal of 'I'm terrified but I think this is supposed to be fun.'

Seth exclaimed, "Look, Mommy! I'm giving Paigy a scoot!"

I was ever-so-glad that I hadn't loosened her carseat straps.

Tuesday, March 3

Seth's Top 10 Phrases*

'I need to wind it'
'Let me get my shoes!'
'That's crazy'
'I'm sorry, Paigy'
'I'd like some raisins?'
'Bath time! Bath time!'
'Want to call Sarah?'
'I'm not ______, I'm busy!'
'I'm not ______, I'm happy!'
'I'm cleaning'
'Sing ____, Mommy/Daddy'

*Paige's Top 10 Phrases to follow in appx 10 months