Sunday, March 28

bigs and littles

lots of ladybug action happening at our table these days

Wednesday, March 24

stick it to me

the doggie shirts are now always the first to come out of the drawers.

Tuesday, March 23


Paige picked these puppies out on one of our dates. 5 bulbs for $5. We 'planted' them (in rocks - seriously, there could not be an easier 21mo old gardening project) on 2/28 and stuffed them in the closet for 10 days. They've been on the kitchen counter since the 10th (not even 2 weeks!) and look how they've shot right up. Flowers!! Soon there will be flowers!

Of course, we are also supposed to get 6-12" of snow tonight/tomorrow...but I'll just focus on the flowers.

free cone day

So glad we hit the ice cream house before naps when it was still 50 degrees - after they had woken up it was already in the low 40s and raining. Pip picked cookies & cream and Boo went for the phish food. I just, you know, cleaned up the drips : ) Unlike last year, Little Girl did not accept help from Big Brother.

Thursday, March 18

We have a Leaper

We had to find something to do whilst suffering from colds

Sunday, March 14

Ripplesome Stripes

1/2 of all the yarn is used and this little blanket is finished! Nice stash-busting progress.

Some more hats next, I think, but for now it's time for a break to 'catch up' on some reading. I told Dustin I must have hit my craftiness wall, as I downloaded 12 ebooks last night :)

Friday, March 12

Spring Shearing

before, during & after

Tuesday, March 9

Allison turns...

that's right folks, 28 (count all our fingers!)

it's looking to be another lovely year.

Monday, March 8

Mats Smats

I picked up a super cute print during our stint in Santa Fe, but it came with this beige-y mat (ugh). Paige wants you to notice the moon (she has become quite crazy about the moon lately).

So I spiffed it up with a little blue.

And now we think it looks much better.

Saturday, March 6


When Mommy builds with us, we make fire stations, hotels, and airports. But when Daddy builds with us...we ALWAYS make towers. The taller the better!

Friday, March 5

Park Day

A friend of mine has a very nice blog, and through it I updated some stuff on my profile and got a $40 gift certificate! While I do LOVE flowers, I can surely buy them waaaaay cheaper in town and arrange them myself. So I spent the 40 bucks at the Popcorn Factory, and a few days later, 3 wonderful packages of yummy popcorn arrived in the mail! Fabulous.

So in celebration of the warmer weather, we had a popcorn party at a pint-sized park. Summertime, here we come!!

Wednesday, March 3

Buddy Time

Building 'hotels' and 'houses' - the difference being that LOTS of buddies can sleep in a hotel, but only 1 or 2 will fit inside a house. Duh, Mommy.

Monday, March 1

March Already?!

Guess we should put away these

and get out these

and maybe I should go ahead and take the Christmas wreath off the front door??