Tuesday, December 22

How to

Eat Your Way through Santa Fe
Crepes on the Plaza

Soup & an 'Obession brownie' (aptly named, we might add)


Thumbs down on the olives, ick

Snacks :)

Frito Pie: fritos, chili, onions, cheese...& a heartattack

Tea - morning, noon & night


There are many more, but surely this gives you a good idea of how we spent our weekend!

Friday, December 11

Tight Squeeze

'too many cooks in the kitchen' takes on a whole new meaning...

Wednesday, December 9

Mommy, Mommy!!

I put all the buddies under the covers!!

Why thank you, dear son.

Monday, December 7

Deck the Halls

It was worth the broken ornaments, to watch S&P help with the tree!

Saturday, November 28

Wednesday, November 25

Our Boy is 3!

We had a great party with friends and (of course!) a birthday breakfast at the donut house.

Can you believe this is our Seth, just 2 short years ago, enjoying his 1st birthday?!

Saturday, November 21

Sometimes it's best...

...to be right where Mommy is - even if she's in the kitchen.

Thursday, November 19

Children's Museum

The Denver Children's Museum is open for free one Tuesday evening of each month, and a buddy invited us along for a few hours of fun! With loads to do (the rabbit hole is Allison's favorite) we climbed, spun, fished...and hit the firetruck on the way in and out...can't ever get enough firetruck time :)

Sunday, November 15

Another Foot Falls

It's still coming down...long winter ahead...

Monday, November 9

Autumn Adventures

Raking those leaves was hardly a chore when rewarded with our girl's grins

Mastering the Leap; he's looks a twinge like Lord of the Dance, yes?

Saturday, November 7

A Grand Time

5 Schassberger grands - all under the age of 3!!

Monday, November 2

Fall Fest

Our train engineer & 80s dance reject (Paige is channeling a certain Aunt Jamie pic, I think)

Thursday, October 29

Monday, October 26


Maybe they'll be artistic and creative ;)

Friday, October 23

Cider Days Festival 2009


farm animals! LOVE that Josh is pulling the baby goat's ear :)

the family that tattoos together, stays together

Friday, October 16

Paigy's Favorite Accesssory

A tirelessly popular piece.

Wednesday, October 14

Nothing's better...

...than a clean boy wearing a towel while jumping off his bed.