Thursday, May 24

Tuesday, May 22

you + me

 My boy made me some 'you + me hearts' for the kitchen window.
 And little A is the happiest thing you've ever seen outside.

Sunday, May 20

week in review

A hydrangea headpiece (it's no laurel crown, but we were on the hammock talking about viaducts, so it seemed appropriate)

Tuesday, May 8

three sevens

S:  How many is three 7s, Mommy?
A: Think about it.  Tell me what you decide.
S:  Well...7 is 3 and 4.  So two 4s is eight, and two 3s is six.  That's 14.  With one more 4, that's 18.  And one more three is...21.

Is this really how I did math before I memorized the multiplication tables?!  Surely not.  Our boy has an orderly mind.  It's fun to hear it in action.

Friday, May 4

birthday boy

Donuts for breakfast.
 Japanese for dinner.  We went to the Domo Restaurant.  You should try it, pretty great.
 Pie for dessert.  I think he had a pretty sweet day!

Thursday, May 3

the intrepid gardener

Started out so clean
Then it was straight to work
A little thirsty.  How he managed to keep one shoe on all morning, I have no idea.  
Nearly summer.