Wednesday, July 24


We took S&P to a rodeo last week.  Not a super big one like we had at Nat'l Western, but it was just the right size for their short attention spans.  It was fun to watch them watch the action.  They cycled through interest, delight, shock, sympathy for each rider.  Started out hot and cooled off nicely.  Oh, and evening low light + action + allison = blurry pics.  Sorry!  Guess I should figure out how to do that.

Wednesday, July 10

get my cape on

We had a sweet 4th of July.  Burgers on the grill, all that.  Dustin has become a master burger-mixer, I think.  One of my favorite parts was using paper products and not having to do dishes.  Seth helped make a strawberry pie.  It tastes just like the ones at Gray's in Indiana, so I'm told - I always ate apple pie there, so I don't really know.  But it was yummy.  Adam thinks that his apron is a cape, and he thinks it is only for cooking.
"Adam, do you want to help make _____?"
<scampers to kitchen> "Yes!  Get my cape on!"

Dustin rigged up a child-pulling system for the little waffle block toy and big surprise, S&P put Adam right to work for them.  Noah liked the corn - and a hamburger, watermelon, potato chips, & strawberries from the pie.  Dustin probably also gave him whipped cream while I wasn't watching.  This boy is a serious eater.  He still kicks his feet when he's happy (he has done that since infancy), and it's sweet to watch him grab a piece of watermelon from his tray, kick, kick, kick.  Steel cut oats for breakfast?  Kick, kick, kick.  He also bonded with a grapefruit during an impromptu game of grapefruit bowling in the kitchen (my mom was unimpressed).  Wild blackberries are growing one neighborhood over from my parents and I turned some into beautiful blackberry-raspberry-peach jam.  The ratio of blackberry to raspberry was 4 to 1, but it is this amazing purple-red.  Yes, I still rhapsodize over jam tints each year.  There are gobs more blackberries to pick (probably for another few weeks, unless all the neighbors realize it!) and we're planning to pick blueberries this weekend.  You know me, always happy in a berry patch!

Sunday, July 7

my first ride

 Pretty darn fun.  And thankfully, Noah is the only one who will fit.

Tuesday, July 2


So one of the (very few) disadvantages of having Dustin work at home is that now 'my' computer is his work computer.  I say 'my' very loosely, because it's really his gaming desktop and it was always h i s.  Dustin does not appreciate sharing a computer, ever.  It's super fun and fast and the monitors...oooh the monitors.  I do miss being able to use that whenever I wanted to make a blog post, check FB, send an email...whatever.  My (still very nice) laptop sits out, but it's just not the same.  He's ruined me for little computers!  But I digress.

We're not up to much.  We are enjoying summer and getting into a more workable routine - everyone is a little more settled and that's great.  Noah gets to take his baths in the kitchen sink and that makes for a happy baby.  He's pulling up all around and I watched him side-step it from one end of the couch to the other this morning.  His 2nd top tooth is poking through and he seems much, much happier with that.  He's been spending time in the pool (probably 1/2 as much as the big 3) and really likes it.  My dad's birthday was in June and we celebrated him well.  Adam knows all about candle blowing now, and is eager for another chance (Adam, we're making a cake today!  *claps hands together*  'MY BIRFDAY!! YEAH').  Everyone got their summer haircuts last week and wow, my hair seems super long.  No cut for me.  Soon?  Probably soon.