Tuesday, September 27

Friday, September 23

teething, take 2

Now that Baby A is working on his top teeth, he's getting lots of extra snuggles.
Lots of 'how does this feel on my gums' practice
But this is pretty much how he feels about it

Tuesday, September 20

yoga with the bear

Or maybe I should say...yogi bear

Sunday, September 18

we had to make more jam

Have you ever read Jamberry?  It is one of the best board books.  Ever.

We tripped back to the Berry Patch for raspberries.  It is their peak here and we wanted to make some jam.
This spider was seriously huge.  And he was eating (drinking?) bees for breakfast.
One day soon this sucker will be a beautiful butterfly moth.  Or something.  I'm not an entomologist.
These guys were zinging from bush to bush.  If you looked carefully down a row, you could see them bouncing like popcorn kernels.
S was convinced all the really ripe (read: darker) ones were boysenberries.  There was no convincing him otherwise.  P downed an entire pint while I was trying to finish so we could go.  She was very literally caught red-handed.
And this is kinda what autumn looks like in Colorado.  Clouds in the sky.  It's been raining here quite a bit (for us, at least), which is great except for the times I leave diapers on the line outside.  Which seems to happen a lot.  The garden caught its second wind and is busily growing crazy amounts of squash and zucchini.  Along with a 4" watermelon!  As I told my mom this afternoon, it's a wild success, as it is approximately 4" larger than any other watermelons I've grown.

Thursday, September 15


Making his mobile debut
Then we had to watch this one
And this one

Wednesday, September 14

just another day

P got her first pair of 'tie shoes'.  Stylin'.
 Baby A is learning the art of wave making.

Tuesday, September 13

oh cheerio

Toe-curling fun
Sharing?  What's sharing?  Mine.
It's nearly bedtime.  Don't I look so very tired?
I need some more practice.

Monday, September 12

sundaes on sunday

Yesterday we invited friends to meet us at the park after dinner for sundaes and a water balloon fight.
We were sad that everyone couldn't come; we had so much fun!  Ice cream sundaes first...
And then water balloons...
A little hill rolling...
And it was time to go home!  Thanks for coming, friends!

Saturday, September 10


Cake balls, that is.  I made 16 dozen of these for a friend's husband's birthday party.  So so so good.  And so fun!  If only I could make these for an hour every day - the baking is therapeutic and surely I could become much more competent with decorating.

Friday, September 9

my dad, the cop

Last night I had a dream that I got to see my dad at work.  He was at a nondescript restaurant, sitting with his laptop open.  The guys that met him were in pinstripe suits (this is important, I love pinstripes).  And I guess they were there to negotiate.
So my dad said something.
And then the guys got all huffy and made like they were leaving.
My dad just sat there, looking at his laptop and pecking away on the keyboard.
The guys settled back down, argued.
My dad was silent.
The guys yelled.
My dad: quiet.
The guys pleaded.
My dad sat, pecking away.
The guys acquiesced.
My dad closed his laptop, gave a nod their way and walked out.

He was awesome!!  Of course, he's really an engineer, and this has no bearing on reality whatsoever.

Thursday, September 8


I just don't understand how she comes up with this stuff...
Maybe it is her attempt to emulate this:
In which case, I think she does an excellent job.  Or maybe she's just a little crazy.

Wednesday, September 7

state fair

My parents visit grandbabies on their first birthday, and cousin J is 1!  Happy Birthday, silly girl!  We love you.  Kiss kiss.
While they were here we made our way to Pueblo and puttered around the fair for a day.  It was super hot.
sun hats
pig races
baby naps in front of a fan, while S&P...
played in the corn box
ice cream cones!
P's first roller coaster ride (!!!)
totally awesome quilts
insanely beautiful work
and lots of fun.  <sigh>  I love going to the fair.