Monday, August 30

scissors and a spray bottle

Another weekend of haircuts all around - look at all that hair!!

And what nicely trimmed cuties.

Seth is becoming a pro - especially now that I use a mustache trimmer on his ears & neck, but Paige still turns her head at every little whip-stitch. I just cut her hair a little shorter, so I won't have to do it again quite so soon ;)

Saturday, August 28

cookie creators

When we were on vacation in TN this May, we hit up the 50th anniversary celebration for McKee Foods. Just in case you don't know - McKee owns Little Debbie and my dad has been an electrical engineer there for...oh, ~20 years now? They had an 'oatmeal pie decorating area' (as if those things need MORE sugar!) and their photographer snapped a few pics of our boy hard at work...and then they used him for an article on their intranet! Sweetness.

Paigy liked her cookie creation too - she plopped down in the middle of the tent to start eating it!

Tuesday, August 24

lafayette peach festival

We got there before 10a and it was hot! Lots of fun and mhmm yummy food! Between the 4 of us, we ate 5 sno-cones. As you can see, Dustin was setting the example for efficient consumption.

Tuesday, August 17

Saturday, August 14

jordyn elizabeth

Paige got to meet The New Baby this weekend. She loves her newest cousin!

Monday, August 9

jam jamboree

We are trying some freezer jam this year. I'd really like to can something, but at the same time I didn't want to make a lot, and I thought S&P would enjoy being able to help. They did! We mashed, stirred, poured, scraped, topped, labeled and had a sweet adventure.

And the proof of success (my favorite!)

a little garden variety

Toddlers who eat salad?! What more could a Mommy want.