Wednesday, April 22

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

Because really, there are few things better than ice cream after naptime.

Seth was even nice enough to share with Paige!

Friday, April 17


After church we met up with Abe, Sarah and cousin Josh for lunch. Paige gummed every piece of candy she could find. Seth's life has become one never-ending egg hunt.

Who needs Easter baskets when we can have backpacks?! Thanks, Grandpa & Grandma!

Friday, April 10

Tunnels, Tunnels, Everywhere...

Dustin is finally appreciative of all our pillows :)

and, of course, Seth, Destroyer of Worlds, likes to tear it all down once in a while

then he piles them up by the couch and jumps into his own 'pillow pit' while Paige takes her morning snooze

Thursday, April 2

Donut Train

Oddly enough, Seth lined them up 3 plain, 3 chocolate, 3 plain... - an orderly mind already :)