Saturday, August 22

let the games begin

Paige and Noah have also taken to "playing" Battleship, which involves making delightful patterns across their seas and not using the boats at all.  Has anyone noticed how lame wooden pickup sticks are?  What happened to the plastic ones with the balls on the ends?!  Noah builds houses with them and Adam pounded a bunch into the ground *for me*, to "keep those naughty kitties away from your bushes!  Because I love you." He is such a nut.  I've yet to see a cat in our bushes (before or after his protection project).

Noah loves Lisa Frank stickers.  All those puppies!  He also likes to find all the dog stamps and use them each 100x.  When I asked what kind of birthday cake he wanted next week, I didn't even get to feed him ideas.  "Puppy cake!" popped into his head and out of his mouth lickety-split.