Tuesday, March 29

spring tree

Much like last year, but now the peeps are wanting to make more Springy things for it. I tried to explain we are running out of room, but well, they really didn't care. At the rate they 'craft', we'll outgrow this little tree soon.

Friday, March 25

diaphragm dilemma

I like to hiccup.

Or maybe I should say hiccups like me.

Monday, March 21


There's something about living in an apartment for several years and then having a window in your kitchen. Just makes you want to have flowers in there all the time. Our narcissus turned out super cute. The peeps picked out some hyacinths yesterday (all white this year), and flagged them for recognition. They even picked one out for Baby A!

Friday, March 18

rub a dub dub

Baby hits the tub!

Sunday, March 13


Think they look related?

I think crying baby pictures are still pretty cute.
Gotta document all those emotions, you know :)

Tuesday, March 8

Saturday, March 5

oh, baby

Baby A joined our bunch on March 3rd at 3:44pm.
8 pounds 2 ounces, 21 inches
He's tired. And perfect.