Thursday, February 21

that day of love

Made cookies for school (Paige), created valentine's for friends (Seth), decked Paige out in a new pink hairbow (first attempt making curly ribbon), played games (Adam rocked Rummikub matching), hung crafts (borax hearts), took pictures of babies.  You know, all the normal Valentine's Day activities.
PS.  If you click on Noah up top, you can see it larger!

Monday, February 18

and here is my...

Don't look too closely, Adam did this body part review during snacktime.  The last pic was when I asked "Where is your chin?"  He looks concerned because he split it open last week and had to get super glued*/liquid stitched back together.

*The super glue was Dustin's quick-thinking (I wasn't home when this fiasco occurred).  We learned several things from this:
  1. it didn't set up super fast (strange?) and was ridiculously full of blue blanket fuzzies the following morning.
  2. you're supposed to take your peep to the dr within 8 hours if they need sewn up (had no idea).
  3. Adam is a wee bit allergic to super glue.
  4. the doctor (he split open the next morning, so I took him in) gave me a run down of what actually warrants stitching, sent me home with the leftover (Paige used it on her baby, woo), and suggested I go ahead and buy some Dermabond for our first aid kit.
  5. the liquid stitches didn't hold (he fell 2x more) and a nurse-friend of mine has suggested trying steri-strips.  guess what's on my kitchen counter already?

Tuesday, February 12

Tuesday, February 5

splishy, splashy

Good guy policeman face.
Bad guy bank robber face.
Someone is super splashy in the tub and now gets to recline rather than lay.
My little middle man was (of course!) on hand for the fun.