Friday, June 29

cherry picking

We spent a little time last Saturday at the Berry Patch, picking pie cherries.  It's been super hot (was 90+ by 10a that day) so we went early.  Great time!
Baby A wanted to help.
We had a bunch left, so I planned to can them for later.  Started with 2 quarts, but once I put them in the packing syrup for 5min, it became 1 quart of cherries!!  I saved the other quart of syrup to use on snowcones.  Cherry snowcones!  Mhmm.  The most beautiful color.

Monday, June 25

so it's been kinda hot

It's pretty much picnics, sprinklers, garden checks, zoo, sprinklers, watermelon, snowcones, and sprinklers.

Sunday, June 17

beach week

You should probably get a snack first - there's 40ish pics!