Saturday, April 30


I had some help with Dustin's cake this year. She asked rather quickly once the cake was baking, 'Can we make my birthday now?' Soon, Little Girl, soon.

Friday, April 29

the zoo was a zoo

All the Denver Public Schools have started their Friday field trips and it was crazy this morning!
The carousel might be the favorite part of zoo visits. Forget about all those animals.

Friday, April 22

honey tangerines

How can this:
Have so many seeds!? There are 30 (you can count them). 30!
Betcha didn't expect to learn anything here, did you?

Thursday, April 21

just noticed

that the blog background rather closely resembles our living room curtains. interesting.

Monday, April 18


This cookbook is fabulous! I have it from the library, along with a slew of others. I might just have to own it. But first I have to finish the Williams Sonoma Soup book. Also really great - we've already found several winners.

Dustin has also added a request for in, 'Hey, I'd like for you to learn how to whip up some yummy fondue.'

Yes, dear. That won't be any sort of burden whatsoever.

Sunday, April 17

head's up

And happy about it.

Saturday, April 16

you should clean that

Can you believe all that was sitting in the bottom of our toaster?! Yuck.

Tuesday, April 12

free cone day

Similar to last year and the year before, we found ourselves to be willing participants in Ben & Jerry's annual Free Cone Day. P picked (pink!) pomegranate and S chose chocolate. I tried 7 layer coconut (yummy). Lots of sharing this time!

Monday, April 11

flying high

We hit up the Arvada Kite Festival this weekend. It was really fun! There was just enough wind for a truly spectacular showing, and we all loved seeing hundreds of kites dancing in the breeze, all contained within a really nice park (74th & Carr).
There were gliders to build. This little plane didn't leave his hand until I checked on him that evening at 11pm, when I relocated it to a shelf. It has since that time been modified to the point of nonflight.
Little Girl ripped the wings off of hers on the way home. S quickly grabbed for her red plastic nose, popped his off, and repositioned them on his plane's wings. 'Engines, Daddy. Of course. That sounds like a good idea.'
Baby A was super happy. He loves to be outside.
Until he scratched his cheek with a long fingernail (see it?!). Poor guy. Then he was unhappy and had. to. get. out.

Thursday, April 7

hyacinth love

Good work, my peeps, good work. Our kitchen smells splendid.

Tuesday, April 5

do over

Dustin forgot my birthday this year (good thing my parents were here or it would have been utter sadness). But he did come with an Edible Arrangement for me last night, that he and the peeps* picked out on Sunday. Isn't it cute?! I love them. Fruit! Flowers! How can you go wrong? It was super yummy.

Shortly thereafter, it looked like this:
I am definitely keeping the skewers so I can make my own this summer - bamboo skewers never work out quite right.

*if you can't tell, those peeps are trying to figure out how to hold up 29 fingers for my birthday ;)

Sunday, April 3


Conversation between Dustin & S...

S: We can wrestle some more, Daddy.
Let's go!

Dustin: Are you sure?
Maybe we should just pick out books and sit for a while.

S: No. Let's wrestle some more.
Yeah! That sounds fun.
Just don't

*long pause*

throw me into the wall again.
That wasn't very fun.

Friday, April 1

warmer weather

Spring arrived this week with warm, sunny days in the 60s & 70s. Just in time, too, as we were getting cabin fever. Discovery Park is still the winner with S&P, and we go there a few times each week, it seems. Even Baby A enjoyed the breezy afternoon. I assume so, at least, since he snoozed the whole time. See him? No? Oh right, he's under that stripy blanket ;)