Wednesday, June 17

she's seven

Most of these are photos from mid May. The lettuces, cabbage, carrots, and peas are long gone.  I learned a lot and still can't manage to grow beets.  Maybe next year.  But cabbage!  It was on my 2015 Try It//Don't Buy It List (includes beets, cabbage, green beans, okra, pumpkins).  I really ran out of space, but we managed three (Seth picked the early 45-day kind that get to be the size of softballs - perfect for a meal - so they would mature quickly). Adam liked "whacking down" the romaine.  Peas are still everyone's favorite thing to grow - and eat for breakfast - though I think I prefer doing them in the Fall.
Now the garden is full of other things.  The garlic came out last week.  LG's Flower Garden is taking off and she cuts them often for our table.  She turned a sweet 7 at the end of May and was thrilled to have donuts, butterfly cake, and dinner out.  She continues to be generous and feisty, keeping me both on my toes and my knees.  Her jokes are hilariously horrible, she's crazy for animals, and she wants to go, go, go.  Love my Paigy.