Tuesday, December 28

Saturday, December 25

merry Christmas!

the m&m minis *might* have been their favorite present. maybe.

Friday, December 3


working through the blue stash

Using all different types/weights of yarn this time - it looks much more splendid in person. Paige likes to walk on it!

Sunday, November 28

Wednesday, November 24

birthday boy

The traditional Sprick Birthday Donut

Paige loves to feed her Daddy

And a dragon cake after dinner. Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Wednesday, October 27

caramel applicious

Never fear, the Sprick household only kept 1. The rest were split between MOPS and Dustin's work buddies. It was easier than I expected (I have a vague memory of this being very messy?) and we ended up with some plain, some with melted chocolate, and some with chocolate and crushed Heath bars. Mmhmmm!!

Sunday, October 24

harvest days at the berry patch

Bacon Bits, the Berry Patch piggy


waiting for the tractor ride

already tired (this is why we shouldn't get up at 6am, Paige!)


hay bale maze

leaving their mark on the coloring wall

Friday, October 22

Monday, October 11

we're having a BOY!

Here's our Sunspot3, all tucked up with his knees nearly touching his nose! Future gymnast?? I love that you can see the little toes at the top. All looks well and is growing along fine.

And the bump! I made it 1/2 way and dragged out all my comfy maternity clothes =)

Tuesday, October 5


We spent a Sunday afternoon at Lakewood's Cider Days festival recently. There were exhibits of really old agricultural equipment (mini hay balers, mills, engines). Stuff that is totally brilliant in its simplicity, and likely revolutionized farming 'way back when'. The kids got to de-ear corn and grind it, use a leather water pump, and sit on some sweet tractors. They also hit the bounce house, rode the donkeys, stopped by the petting zoo and tooled around on the train a few times. We ran into the Buttons and had some nice unexpected adult conversation amidst the activities. Fresh cider and a funnel cake with Daddy rounded out the afternoon.

Monday, September 20

the greatest show on earth

The pic is super dark, but this chick was hula hooping with a gazillion hoops. Seth leaned over and said, 'Mommy, all you ever do is one. How come you don't hoop with lots and lots like that girl? I like it better.' Hmph.
Paige and Daddy were big fans of the trapeze trio.
Dustin is still horrified by the derring-do. At one point he leaned over during the show and said, 'I don't think this is OSHA approved.'
And a ride on the train ended the circus in a happy way. When it stopped for the kiddies to get off, S&P scampered to the engine (there was a BELL up there!) as fast as they could and got buckled in, hoping no one would notice. And then they refused to come out for the operator, and I had to forcibly remove them. Silly.

Tuesday, September 14


I dropped the camera and killed the flash circuit.
Did you notice how dark the campfire was? Boo.

Sunday, September 12

campfire fairytales

Seth wanted to build a campfire, and then we added chairs for lots of buddies that were camping together. See the tent up on the 'mountain'?? Sweet!

Wednesday, September 8


Paige headed up this project (see her wielding the butter knife with precision!!) - with sweet success! Super easy recipe that was totally worth trying out, but we should have made more. I'll remember that for next time - and we'll start tweaking it a bit. Less sugar, I think. So yummy though.

Tuesday, September 7

state fair

Lots of Long Ears to pet

Puppies to loveMid-afternoon fountain fun
Corn box (as opposed to sand box)
Watching cowboys put their ponies through the pacesSnow cones!!
And my favorite