Sunday, October 26

What on Earth

I recently got a package in the mail from our insurance agent. There wasn't a note, just this thing. Confused, of course, I looked at it and said "WHAA?"

I pushed the buttons and found lights. Thinking it was some sort of emergency 'kit' for the car, I let Seth turn on the flashing red lights for a while. Then when I was showing it to Dustin that evening, I started looking more closely...and holy moly! This thing is a weapon!
I was (and still am!) a bit shocked. Who gets a gift from their insurance agent complete with knife, dart, spike, whistle, LED and strobe lights?!
And now I don't know what to do with it. It's not exactly the sort of thing I can drop off at Goodwill, you know?

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Valerie said...

wow...that's quite the "gift!" How random - no note or anything?? WEIRD! What insurance are you with?? If you still don't know what to do with it, I could take it off your hands - my sister has to walk through some seriously sketchy places when she is on call for the hospital in the middle of the night. It would probably make her feel better. :)