Tuesday, December 22

How to

Eat Your Way through Santa Fe
Crepes on the Plaza

Soup & an 'Obession brownie' (aptly named, we might add)


Thumbs down on the olives, ick

Snacks :)

Frito Pie: fritos, chili, onions, cheese...& a heartattack

Tea - morning, noon & night


There are many more, but surely this gives you a good idea of how we spent our weekend!


Cara said...

That was all in ONE weekend??! Whew! You guys sure know how to eat it up :)

The Johnsons said...

Yes we do! :) I love that I have my tongue hanging out in the first picture! :) Now, to work all those calories off...

trinabambina said...

Wow - I want to take a vacation with you!!! You sure know how to find the good stuff!!