Monday, September 14

Wily Ones

So very resourceful - our boy dragging a chair into the kitchen just to reach the coveted snack cabinet. Even Paige was in on the adventure! We had no idea he was getting so tall.


Our Family of Four! said...

Too sweet! He's a smart one:) My hubby & I were watching your videos on FB last night... I can hardly get the plug covers out! LOVE Paigy's sideways ponytail and tie-dye tee:)

trinabambina said...

I think that it looks like she is giving him that her finger pointing up, into the cabinet?!?

My brother and I used to tag team my sister (one would keep her busy while the other would eat some powdered sugar, then switch) when we were little - you see, she would tell on us!!

What a great picture! Did they know you were there before the flash went off?