Friday, January 1

Brace Yourself

I recently brought in my 'trunk box' (rubbermaid tote) to make room for transporting Abigail's 'new' kitchen. Seth was poking through the box - unfolding the blanket, unrolling the jacket, pulling out the jumper cables. All very normal things. He's grabbing the other cable from its bag and says, 'there's a mouse in here, mommy!' Yes, folks. An oddly cute & clean mouse was living in the jumper cable bag - which means, of course, that it was living in my Blazer!! Anyhow, Dustin picked up the bag, confirmed there was indeed a twitching mouse inside, and it promptly jumped on our living room floor. I actually squeaked. It beelined to the curtains, climbed 6ft up, Dustin captured it and mr. mouse has since been set free. Please see pic as proof. And yes, I really did give him a tupperware container to catch said mouse.


Rachel_K said...

Did you throw the tupperware away? That was by far the funniest thing I have heard/read/seen all day!

Our Family of Four! said...

All I can say is WOW! What a memorable way to start your New Year!!!I bet Seth wasn't scared at bit:)

JaneeNoel said...

Ugh. I hate mice.