Sunday, February 21

4th time's a charm

Most of you know that I am on a mission to use ALL my yarn in 2010, before buying any for a new project. 28 skeins!! Ridiculous, really. I've read that it's referred to as 'stash busting'. In my busting endeavor, I was determined to make LG a hat. I found a free girly pattern online - this was my first hat attempt.
Attempt #1 - super cute, followed the pattern to a T, but not quite large enough (pattern is for 9-12mo). gave it to a buddy with a 12mo old.
Attempt #2 - no picture, but let's just say it perfectly fit Mommy's head. ripped it all out.
Attempt #3 - no picture, I used a super small hook and it turned out very cute - but I was adding a stitch each time I joined rows...looked like Sue Bonnet. ripped it all out.
Attempt #4 - finally!!! and it fits Seth, so she should be able to wear it a good. long. while.


JaneeNoel said...

Cute!!! Do you have a link for the pattern? I have way too much yarn around here . .. .

Cara said...

It really is so cute! I would also love to try the pattern! Did you knit or crochet it?

MAMA CEO said...

WOW! Very, very cute! If only I had girls!

jamie sprick said...

I love the hat!!!