Friday, March 5

Park Day

A friend of mine has a very nice blog, and through it I updated some stuff on my profile and got a $40 gift certificate! While I do LOVE flowers, I can surely buy them waaaaay cheaper in town and arrange them myself. So I spent the 40 bucks at the Popcorn Factory, and a few days later, 3 wonderful packages of yummy popcorn arrived in the mail! Fabulous.

So in celebration of the warmer weather, we had a popcorn party at a pint-sized park. Summertime, here we come!!


Cara said...

Wow - I cannot tell you how much those pictures made me want to be your neighbor! Glad you guys had so much fun :) (and LOVE the blanket!)

MAMA CEO said...

Because I just saw you tonight...I wanted to ask you how you do the montage of pictures??? Help me! LOL!

MAMA CEO said...

okay don't look at my montage of pictures on my last post...i need some more practice!