Tuesday, May 25

trying something new

There is a blog that never fails to entertain me, called Posie Gets Cozy. This chick makes all sorts of interesting things and has a backyard that I love. She & her hubs are hoping to adopt a baby girl and she's been turning out all sorts of awesome clothes for their future sunspot. She recently created 3 patterns for little girl dresses that are crocheted and lucky me, I get to test one!

I had thought I would work on it in TN last week, but *ahem* even that ended up being too much work for this vacation. So I started last evening and finished up the bodice during naptime today. I'm only a few rows into the skirt and it's already looking rather fabulous. Someday, the dress will (hopefully) look something like this. I'm testing the 3T pattern and Little Mister was thrilled to model this part for me. He even told me it was 'very,very nice' and maybe he could help with the skirt?

Am trying out some bamboo yarn this time around. Oooh, it's soft. And can't you just imagine Paigy-Paige in these colors?!

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Cara said...

Soooo cute! Can't wait to see a pic of her in it! :)