Friday, June 18

camping: sprickster style

Cinnamon rolls are a must, according to Party Chief Dustin. Look good, don't they? There were actually 2 pans, but Dustin & I polished the other one off tonight while watching Alice in Wonderland (which was really good according to Dustin and creepy according to Allison).

Alright, so we didn't actually eat all of them...but still keep any and all healthy eating habit comments to yourself, please.

The kids tried out their sleeping bags while Daddy mowed the lawn this evening.
They. are. excited.
Little Miss was a bit put out to learn Mouse wouldn't be getting his own bag, but I have since assured her that he will indeed fit alongside his keeper. That girl and her mouse *rolls eyes*...

Here's to hoping we parents get a smidge of sleep this weekend! If not, surely we can survive on the sugar content of aforementioned yummy baked goods, don't you think??


jamie sprick said...

I love you guys. Have tons of fun!!!! and mmmmmmm do those cinnamon rolls look delish.

Cara said...

Sounds like loads of fun! Have a great time and enjoy the rest of those cinnamon rolls!