Monday, April 11

flying high

We hit up the Arvada Kite Festival this weekend. It was really fun! There was just enough wind for a truly spectacular showing, and we all loved seeing hundreds of kites dancing in the breeze, all contained within a really nice park (74th & Carr).
There were gliders to build. This little plane didn't leave his hand until I checked on him that evening at 11pm, when I relocated it to a shelf. It has since that time been modified to the point of nonflight.
Little Girl ripped the wings off of hers on the way home. S quickly grabbed for her red plastic nose, popped his off, and repositioned them on his plane's wings. 'Engines, Daddy. Of course. That sounds like a good idea.'
Baby A was super happy. He loves to be outside.
Until he scratched his cheek with a long fingernail (see it?!). Poor guy. Then he was unhappy and had. to. get. out.

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shannon said...

I love your blog! Your children are beautiful! Where can I get a blog like this :)