Wednesday, October 5

trippin': portland

We finished up the week in Portland, seeing brothers, sisters and friends.  We stayed with Chris & Tanya (we love them, and they have room for us) and spent the days being silly.

Our Baby A and their Baby A are 1 month apart (she's older).  They got along rather famously...*cough* arranged marriage *cough*.
 I got to hit up Trader Joe's not once but twice.  Unfortunately, we ate a lot of the yummy goods already.  The mints!  If you haven't tried the dark chocolate mint creams, try them.
Uncle Matt & Aunt Jamie got to spend lots of time with us.
The game nights were intense.
We made donuts one morning and by the end of the week, the peeps were toast.  Look at them zoning on the couch.
And new nephew Baby M!

Brian and Roxie fed us and Aunt Roxie scored major points for letting P feed their fish in the backyard.  After dinner with the sibs, we stopped by Matt & Jamie's place and took off from there.  It was 8ish.  The ride home was uneventful, except for when Seth started wailing in his sleep that I needed to stop driving because his back was on fire.  I don't know if a dryer sheet had made it into a load or if it was just using different detergent, but he and I were both covered in hives by the time we hit Wyoming.  Thankfully I had an 'untouched' outfit for everyone (as I did wonder if this would happen), and we just stopped and swapped him out of his jammies.  

The Blazer was sporting a completely flat tire (nail) and our kitchen trash can was harboring an unknown liquid that was spilled all over the floor (*hurl*), but otherwise we were all good.  I had to wash everything once we got back, which was a disappointment since the entire thought behind doing laundry there was so. I. didn't. have. to. do. it. here. but whatever.  We made it home!  It was wonderful to see everyone.
This is really dark, and you might have to turn up the volume.  It was just before we got to Denver.  Hilarious.


Sarah Axe said...

I so love the photo of Adam with the sparkly wig!

mirandagail said... can tell they're brothers!