Sunday, January 15


This past summer I canned peaches.  It was my first try at peaches, and at canning.  The process wasn't so difficult, and we came out of it with 12 quarts.  Nothing exploded, nothing failed to seal.  I felt like I jam packed them in there, but I'll have to do a better job of that next time as there is a lot of liquid space along the bottom (the peaches float, of course).  We opened the last jar a few days ago.  Gobble.
We also made jam.  A batch of strawberry, one of raspberry, and then my mom & I made strawberry and peach-black raspberry while we were in Tennessee.  I tried the little/no sugar added recipes this year and they were super yummy.  Much, much better than the regular.  They all turned out really good.  The last jar of raspberry has been opened, and we have 2 more of strawberry.  Gobble, gobble.
And then we made applesauce.  Lots of applesauce.  No sugar, just apples.  26 quarts.  Baby A finished the last one off this past week.  Gobble, gobble, gobble.
What is the point of this, you wonder?  The point is that all that stuff didn't even last 6 months!  And I doubled the amount of applesauce & jam this year!!  How could I have been so wrong? much am I supposed to make next time?!


Rachel_K said...

We doubled our salsa canning this summer since last year we ran out way too soon! Of course so far this year we hardly touched it for weeks! And then...we consumed 3 jars last week. And I have no more tomatoes and no juice left. Since the local raspberry patch burned up in a drought I didn't get any to make jam. :(My own strawberry patch really took off so I hope to do some next year! Apple crop was awful too so no applesauce either. I am already thinking about my garden plans for 2012!!

Andrea said...

Canning: Something else to add to my list of "things that Allison has inspired me to try". That jam was ridiculously good!