Sunday, March 18

comfort food

 This week we tried out these cookies.  LG's turn to help.  She made a lovely pre-bake snake.
 They were yummy.  Baby A is always a willing guinea pig for new recipes.
 And possibly the smartest part - we packed 1/2 of them off to friends with their dinner.  I've been trying to bake on days we're already planning to see people, so I can foist some goods off on them.  It's either that or make 1/2 batches (which I also often do), otherwise things dry out too fast, P sneaks them, they get tossed...any way you look at it, it's a waste to make a whole batch of something for just us.
S helped with the soup, deciding to add corn at the last minute (boy after my own heart!).  It was his turn to pick out noodles and ABCs were a definite.  He asked what we were taking them and I said, 'Oh, Comfort Food.'  After wanting to know what comfort meant, he thought we should probably spell it out.  And finally, for the first time in literal months, french bread was successfully baked at the Sprick house.  I've been having some trouble with risings *sob*, but am hopefully over that hurdle of stupidity.
 Then we dropped it off, played outside, ate our own soup, bread & cookies, took showers...and I had a squeaky clean helper with the dishes.

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